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2尺1寸 江戸時代の竹材


I use bamboo materials from the Edo period. It's the ultimate material with elements that all instruments envy. This bamboo has been smoked for a long time as ceiling material in a house built 180 years ago, resulting in the cellulose inside being completely hardened. Despite being dry, its density is high, giving it properties akin to organic carbon fiber. Through precise tuning, the unique characteristics of this mysterious material are reflected in the sound, boasting a strong resonance and incredibly dense and radiant overtones with excellent projection.


全長 All Length : 637mm 

重さ Weight : 222g 

首周囲 Neck Circumference : 103mm 

歌口内径幅 I.D. Width : 24.5mm 

歌口外径幅 O.D. width : 38mm

3-4孔長さ 3hole to 4hole Length : 76mm 

指穴経平均値 Average diameter of finger holes : 11mm

筒音 Key : 452hz B




2尺1寸2分 平竹



 In the production of Jinashi Shakuhachi, it is extremely difficult to encounter such ideal bamboo material. Known as "flat bamboo," typically characterized by flattened inner and outer diameters, this bamboo boasts an inner diameter that is close to perfectly round. This unique feature combines the weighty resonance obtained from thick bamboo with the responsive qualities exclusive to thin bamboo. Moreover, it offers the added benefit of ease of grip, conforming comfortably to the curvature of the fingers, making it a rare and exceptional bamboo material. To maximize these fundamental characteristics, tuning was applied with strict precision and minimal intervention, resulting in an instrument ideal for Jinashi Shakuhachi.



全長 All Length:645mm    

首周囲 Neck Circumference:117mm  

歌口幅 Utaguchi Range : 25mm 

3-4孔長さ 3hole to 4hole Length : 78mm

重さ Weight:436g   

筒音 Key:442hz B        



440 ,000円(400,000JPY)



Thick and slightly robust bamboo with an ideal shape. The inner diameter, which is the best thickness for the length, shows an excellent uniformity between the 'kan' and 'otu'. The light bamboo produces soft sound, while the slightly undulating inner diameter adds complexity to the tone.


全長 All Length : 840mm

重さ Weight : 540g

首周囲 Neck Circumference : 123mm

歌口幅 Utaguchi Range : 27mm

3-4孔長さ 3hole to 4hole Length : 99mm

筒音 Key : 442 F# 


 330,000円 (300,000JPY)



This is a tightly packed bamboo material. The thinness of the flesh produces responsiveness, while the thicker inner diameter allows for dynamic control of the tone color. In addition to the deep bass resonance of the long tube, it also produces a glossy and vibrant tone.


全長 All Length:935mm    

首周囲 Neck Circumference:128mm     

歌口幅 Utaguchi Range : 31mm

3-4孔長さ 3hole to 4hole Length : 112mm

重さ Weight:612g 

 筒音 Key:450hz E 






Thick and robust bamboo creates a soft yet weighty resonance. However, due to its substantial thickness, the inner diameter is not overly wide, and it is well tapered, resulting in a dense sound up to the third octave. Its appearance, with undulating strength and a vibrant vitality, exudes an overwhelming presence.


全長 All Length :960mm 

重さ Weight : 703g 

首周囲 Neck Circumference : 146mm 

歌口幅 Utaguchi Range : 33mm 

3-4孔長さ 3hole to 4hole Length : 112mm 

指穴経平均値 Average diameter of finger holes : 13mm

筒音 Key : 442hz E


308,000 (280,000JPY )